Course Description

CSTN 205  Advanced Carpentry   6 cr.  
Prereq. CSTN 120 (CAR 120T), CSTN 122 (CAR 121T), CSTN 102 (CAR130T), CSTN 142 (CAR 140T), and CSNT 143 (CAR 141T). The process of angular measurement, using transits, theodolites, electronic distance measuring devices, lasers, and trigonometric calculating to lay out foundations and determine elevations. Installation of standing seam, lap seam, and built-up roofing systems; concrete, vinyl, wooden, tile, and carpeted floors as well as radiant heating; paneling, wainscoting, movable partitions, curtain walls and fire-rated commercial wall construction. Advanced stair systems, including shop built and prefabricated stairs, balustrades, mitered risers and treads, and layout of elliptical fastening methods, and assembly techniques. Project planning, scheduling, estimating, and management skills included. This course includes a two-credit lab. CSTN 206 (CAR 221T) Advanced Carpentry Lab 2 cr. Laboratory to accompany CSTN 205 (CAR 220T). Prerequisites: CSTN 102 (CAR 130T) , CSTN 120 (CAR 1