Department of Business Technology

Administrative Management
Emphasis in Social Media Management

The Administrative Management, Social Media Management emphasis is designed to provide graduates with skills needed to design, create content, and maintain websites and manage web content with an emphasis on Web 2.0 technologies. Students analyze and select appropriate communication channels and technologies, suitable web content creation tools, communication practices emphasizing the importance of public relations to promote a positive organizational image and reputation, and apply business advertising and relationship marketing techniques needed for social media management. Students demonstrate ability to monitor issues and analyze trends across various social media platforms. Students create images effectively demonstrating fundamentals of photography and image editing to improve images used for print or online, produce creative written content for web and print publications, and produce and edit video. Students design and develop professional looking interactive content for fixed and mobile platforms using mark-up languages and client/server scripting applications. Students demonstrate best web practices by incorporating search engine optimization strategies, user-centered and accessible design standards. Graduates evaluate suitability of media content and practices according to expected professional and ethical responsibilities in our global society.

An Associate of Applied Science Degree in Administrative Management, Social Media Management emphasis opens opportunities for graduates in a variety of business settings such as product or service related businesses, non-profit, educational, and healthcare organizations.

Students entering autumn semester may complete the program in four semesters as outlined below. Students entering spring should meet with an advisor prior to selecting courses.


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