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Culinary Arts
Standard Student Culinary Dress Code

(Including kitchen, lab and classroom)

The following apparel must be clean, wrinkle free and in good repair: No holes, no tears, hemmed properly and no frayed edges.

  • Chef’s pants - (specified) Houndstooth or black checkered pattern fabric. No baggy styles.
  • Chef’s Jack - (specified) White, double-breasted, completely buttoned at all times. Only clean, white tee shirts are permitted under the jacket. No color, print, or logo/picture tee shirts are permitted. White turtleneck shirts may be worn under jacket.
  • Neckerchief - (specified) White, tied in Windsor knot fashion.
  • Shoes - Must be sturdy, closed toe and of a polishable black or white hard leather. The sole is to be non-slip, non-scuffing and heel no higher than 1 1/2 inches.
  • Socks - Worn at all times. Must be white or black.
  • Undergarments - Worn at all times.

The following items are to be worn only in kitchens, labs and in any food contact area:

  • Hat - (specified) White, cloth chef’s toque. No other type at any time.
  • Apron and side towel - (specified) White apron to be worn at knee length.

Hat, side towel, and apron must be removed during rest room and break periods outside the kitchen.

Standard Personal Hygience and Appearance

  • Hair - Must be clean, of natural shades and well maintained. The culinary standard does not include extremes in dying, styling or coloring. Hair length must be maintained above the top of the collar by means of cut, hair net or restraint. Students must be clean shaven at all times and sideburns neatly trimmed no lower than the earlobe. Mustaches are permitted if neatly trimmed above the upper lip and corners of the mouth. Beards are permitted if neatly trimmed and restrained.
  • Make-up - The appropriate use of make-up is to enhance natural features and create a fresh appearance and must be kept at a minimum. Conservative lipstick permitted.
  • Cologne/Perfume - The use of anti-perspirant and/or deodorant is recommended. The use of strong, heavy scents a and fragrances is unacceptable.
  • Fingernails - Kept clean and trimmed to the end of the finger. No nail polish permitted.
  • Jewelry - The only facial jewelry permitted is a one pair of stud earrings worn in the earlobe. Dangle or hoop earrings are not allowed. Wristwatches must be removed from wrists but may be secured on the jacket. One, plain wedding band is allowed. Any other form of jewelry is unacceptable.

Front of the House, Table Service, Cashiers, Hosts

The student, faculty or staff member is required to furnish the following uniform:

  • White, long sleeve dress shirt, clean, ironed and wrinkle free.
  • Black tie or bow tie.
  • Black dress pants or plain black skirt, clean, ironed and wrinkle free. No jeans, shorts or cutoffs.
  • Black socks or hosiery.
  • Black, low heeled, closed toe, dress shoes. No sandals or sneakers.
  • Cashiers and hosts are to maintain a professional appearance in order to reinforce the criteria above.

Field Trips and Off Campus Work

Since some facilities require special attire, students will be informed by the faculty as necessary and expected to conform accordingly. All other standards regarding personal hygiene and appearance (above) will be maintained. Where no special requirements pertain, the student is permitted to dress casually bearing in mind that he/she is a representative of the Missoula College and the culinary profession. - No tattered or torn clothing.

  • No shorts, tank tops or bathing suits.
  • No sandals or such open type footwear.

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