Gainful Employment Program Information

Customer Relations

Consumer Information on Gainful Employment
Program: Customer Relations    
Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP):  
CIP Description: Receptionist    
Level of Program: Certificate of Applied Science    
Program Length (months):  
Program URL:
Related Occupations:   SOC Code
Customer Service Representatives   43-4051.00
Patient Representatives   43-4051.03
Receptionists and Information Clerks   43-4171.00
Estimated Cost of Completing the Program Montana Residents Non-Residents
Tuition and Required Fees (attending full time in both fall and spring semesters)
Cost for Books and Supplies (estimated annual costs)
Annual Room and Board
Number of completers between July 1 , 2010 and June 30, 2011
Normal time in months to complete program 
Job Placement Rate for program completers
Job Placement Rate for program completers Students who completed a Federal Perkins Grant Program-approved Certificate in FY2010-2011
What types of jobs? Jobs in or closely-related to the field of study
When were they employed? Students who were employed from October to December of the year they graduated
How were graduates tracked? Student data is submitted to the US Department of Labor who then matches that information with income records from the Internal Revenue Service
What agencies (state or accrediting), if any, is this rate reported to? Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education and accrediting body