Department of Health Professions

Respiratory Care
Graduation Requirements

  1. Students must complete BLS, prior to entry into the clinical phase of the program.
  2. Students must complete and meet or exceed the CUT score assigned by Program Faculty:
    1. Entry Level Self-Assessment Exam,
    2. Written Registry Self-Assessment Exam, and;
    3. Clinical Simulation Self-Assessment Exam prior to graduation.
  3. Students must complete all required hours, programmatic course evaluations, assignments, and clinical rotations prior to graduation. (Refer to individual course syllabi for specific content, learning objectives / outcomes, and competency requirements.)
  4. Students must maintain a B average on all program coursework and be considered in good standing and meet all criteria to receive the Applied Science degree in Respiratory Care.
  5. The Program Goals and Standards clearly delineate that graduates of the Respiratory Care Program shall demonstrate clinical competency in all aspects of patient care.  Clinical tasks shall be evaluated and satisfactory proficiency must be demonstrated for all tasks within the clinical practices.  A student must achieve a satisfactory level of competency for all required clinical task prior to graduation.

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