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Recreational Power Equipment
Advisory Committee

The primary purpose of the RECREATIONAL POWER EQUIPMENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE is to improve the quality of instruction that prepares students to be successful in their career. The committee's role is to advise, assist, and become an active supporter of the program. Members are volunteers who share an expert knowledge of the job tasks and competency requirements expected of prospective technicians in the Powersports Industry.

Advisory Committee Members

Mr. Nate Bertland Big Sky BMW-Kawasaki Missoula, Montana
Mr. Dave Burtch Sentinel High School Missoula, Montana
Mr. Tony Croonenberghs Anchor Marin East Missoula, Montana
Mr. Russ Englund Al’s Cycle Hamilton, Montana
Mr. Jim Fox Hellgate High School Missoula, Montana
Mr. Dave Gjefle Missoula Power Equipment Missoula, Montana
Mr. Clay Hartman Quality Supply Missoula, Montana
Mr. Pete Jacobsen Missoula Chain Saw Missoula, Montana
Mr. Tom Leik Big Sky High School Missoula, Montana
Mr. Brian Rooney Townsend Marine Townsend, Montana

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