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Through a grant made possible through the State of Montana, capital equipment valued at over  $170,000.00 was purchased and installed in the Spring Semester of 2006.  The following is a list of the new equipment.

  • 6ea Welder – Lincoln Invertec V350 Pro
  • 4ea Welder – Lincoln DC 400
  • 1ea Welder – Lincoln PW455/STT
  • 1ea Wire Feeder – Lincoln LN-25
  • 10ea Wire Feeder -  Lincoln LF-72
  • 5ea Welder – Lincoln Precision Tig 275
  • 1ea Welding Robot – Lincoln eCell
  • 1ea Koike Aronson CNC Plasma Arc Cutting System.
  • 2ea Weld Tooling Corp. Oxy Fuel Track Cutting System

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