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Hunter DiningEast Missoula College Campus Cafeteria and Hunter Dining Room

Want a gourmet breakfast or lunch?  Then this is the place to go.  Students enjoy the benefit of a delicious meal prepared by the Culinary Arts Program.  If you desire the traditional grill and sandwich meal or a special daily menu option, this is a delicious place to enjoy your meals.

West Missoula College Campus Cafeteria

What a great convenience for busy students at the West campus.  This cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch.  If a student desires, this can be a part of a meal plan option at The University.  If you want a dining place that knows your name and is willing to add a personal touch, this is the place for you!

Mountain Campus Dining Services

Mountain Campus Food Zoo: You can eat lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch, helping yourself to as much as you want from an every-changing menu of nutritious meals, including daily pasta, pizza, and vegetarian/vegan selections. 

Cascade Country Store: You can sample the offerings of the food court—pizza, calzones, burritos, tacos, gilled favorites, a fresh deli, soup, salads, and sandwiches.  Plus, you can also stock up on snacks and drinks, as well as other essential grocery, health, and beauty items.

La Peak: You can enjoy coffee, espresso drinks, juice, or a smoothie and a fresh baked treat.  If it’s time for a break, lounge in a big comfy chair and hang out with your friends. 

The University Center (UC): There is food everywhere in the UC Food Court—Grizzly Grille, Garden City Greens, Pacific Rim, Soups and Such, Eastside Deli, Bear Claw Bakery, Pizza Hut, Taco Time, and Jus Chill’n, plus a large selection of grab-n-go items.

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